What is Queen’s Wreath

queenswreathQueen Wreath vine (Antigonon leptopus) or Mexican Wreath is not only a prized vibrant drought loving vine, but a bee heaven notorious to draw passer-bys with aahs and oohs, colorful butterflies and hummingbirds, to delight from May through November! This is a desert plant native to Mexico and Central America as it may well be from Vietnam and southeast Asia.  Multiple hot pink tiny flowers with frilly claws, tendrils, dress up 30′ to 40′ long branches trailing in abundance under hot summer months.  If you are patient enough, you will even have plenty opportunities to watch how bees collect their pollen!  My children grew up unafraid to share our yard space with these bees!  Try this plant in your yard!  I am guessing the bees make this a rather rare plant for many admirers who ask me for their seedlings only to quickly lose their enthusiasm “thanks, but no bees!”  But if you are willing to try it, you’ll enjoy bountiful cuttings, near year round, to dress up any room you wish to please!





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